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Riven Epiphany (Independent 2012)

Maria Vastano leads her new band whose recruits her to become their new singer and it’s really not a bad decision to make for Eternal Essence even though their Prog-Rock music turned out to be a little bit Pop-sentials but you would agree that these Atlantic City – New Jersey’s group also consisting of four rockers on it: bassist Matt Rib, EJ Luna the drummer, Greg Rosenblit (keyboards, synths, piano, programming) and Gary Hoffman doing the guitars, flute and backing vocals releasing their full studio album – A Light in The Distance which may resemblance to Evanescence music or other modern-day Goth Rock poppy troops. 

Nothing wrong (really) because the band isn’t trying to sounded as cool as Amy Lee and co. but having their own interpretations way – their ways and one should be liking some of those releasing written songs on the album like Within a Dream, From Green to Grey, Rise Above and Live for Today which kinds reminding us about how good is the mixing between romanctic harmonies of the symphonic crashing lights with other Progressive complexity turns out to be tasty with the unforgettable Pop-fixed on lead female vocals whom selling huge in time. 

A Light in The Distance: