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Rise 9909 (Artist VS Media 2013)

   Led by the main-man all instrumentalist and vocals-mangler Chris Vaughn the ultimate Phoenix – AR solely from AVM recordings of local label there creating his dreams into a reality via this harder Experimental Progressive Heavy Metal and Djent-based rocking version of himself and naming it – Danger Silent. 
As not only just cranking metallic of heaviness and chaos sounds appearing onto its music but there’s a time where Classic AOR Rock, Modern Rock, Alternative-Pop Metal in a more standard inducing power struck down your spines in a very glad feelings of romanticism or positive thoughts reveals just like the taken examples from an album called Oceans. Danger Silent completely has turning into a complete group with Chris and Harrison Corupe (ex- Autumns Fall) on bass guitar as well as Marc Slenske on drums picturing perfect of their musical performance bursts through these great compositions of tracks from The Ghost Town, Find Another Way to Live (feat. Melissa Murphy), Fate Loves The Fearless and This is My Life. 

Hear the reposition turning metallic awesome with them and don’t forget to sing along !