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Regulation Salesman (Not On Label 2017)

Turns the peaceful place of dwellers into a fucked-up chaotic deranged members of a head-bangers clan after a prophecy touches on via a solo guitar-based instrumental project of a hell-blending between experimental improve life music and the techno-industrial version of crazy Nine Inch Nails in an album picked and produced well enough to disturbing everyone who is living normal on Twin Towers’ Abortion Clinic Gag Reels. You got Post-Hardcore, Ambient Lo-Fi, Drone Blues, Math Rock to Free Jazz or Electronic power and noises in a semi-traditional Kraut Rock-influences  as these presentations for broken Art-Rock supplies. 
No thanks to Benjamin Joseph or Noise Boys, The Drummer’s Girlfriend or any other aliases from this project as well as thus tracks of abnormality really can make you feel sick and bored or perhaps – liberating as you can hearing themselves through Electro Grindcore music on The Beast with Office Hours, the responsive materials off Sun King, Last Walk Home or second track Get Liquified (feat. Void Dweller) as accidently speeding-out like G.Y.Y.F until the last one on the seventeen – At The Very Bottom of Dow Jones (noises, electronics – Viscerum), letting the Metal, Electro, Hip Hop and Rock blends into madness.

Abortion Clinic Gag Reels: