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Real Ricky Bold (Bandcamp 2016)

Driving Math-Rock and Tween-Wave sub-genre music and beating sounds freshly like Emo-Pop mixed with more Screamo division pathfinder hailing the anonymous subjects via quartet of Justin, Mitch, Miles and Paul respectivel from Sterling but later on moving to Richmond, VA and known as Fight Cloud wit the influences by Circa Survive, Tera Melos or Minus The Bear. 
Thus melodic formations of six-strings harmony tones includes by the symbolizing of much algebra/metaphysical smaller universe as the planting roots meet the branches from one’s back telling you the stories made by the atomic particles creating new life; seeking the blending of Pop-Emo-Hardcore mixes through the tough tracks like Poppyseed, Long Live Zorp, Snagatha Christie, Pipe Dream and I’d Drink to that as well as A Rare Thing like Neon. 

Agreed with this We’ll Be Alright album, gladly – poetic. 

We'll Be Alright: