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RCB Shakes (Bandcamp 2015)


   Aswin Lakshman, Nicholas Leggatt, Ben Barclay and Callan Trewenack might be a closed friends decided to erase their old friendships in the past by going forward into a forming of the band they called Going Swimming which came out of Melbourne’s Garage/Surf/Punk scenery by good techniques of performance and spontaneous calamity thoughts made into lyrics and music on their fast-tracks intense on the releasing for the “goosebumps-y” recording by the artworks and you might also loving those themes contained inside it as well.
   Deadtime Stories is a must have collection from this group that you need to pick in a hurry because a better tones and honest harmony riffs as simple and formulated as brilliant for an lesser-known band had their time to shine on this one. Stop reading, start to listening and had your occasional nightmarish sweet dreams within the fabulous I Think I’ve Been Had Lads, Your Sister right through Shark Attack, Whatever Happened to The Plan?, Yoko Oh No and more sarcastic clever and smart moves being pushed in to punch your guts and make you think again about Going Swimming choose their Careers Counsellor sounding like Hooligan over themselves neatly !

Deadtime Stories: