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Razor Face Wave (FDH Records 2010)

   Choosing the name of Black Bug with a reason which nobody might never knew the answers of it but surely, this Bordeaux, France angrier version of Karen O with lesser “yeah yeah yeahs” isn’t just Indie-Rock band because their music is definitely more various than just clinging onto Rock but others followed and few went to disposal. Releasing this album with fifteen tracks available on it; the S/T LP/CD is filled with crazy madness noises that either made through the synthesizers, buzzing distortions or female screamo vocals protesting the problematic living issues around them and yourself, build onto these fearless and pissed off recording album ready to taken back the claiming rights of animals or nature against the greedy man’s souls – a non-mortal paid back for what most of us did during the mid-eighties right through now. 
The semi-Synth-Punk, Electronic and Dark/New Wave sounds on Mental Ray, Well Well, Untergang to S.R.A or Unicorn really would entrapping Billy Montana’s Absorbing Hearts and drowning him into an oddity ocean as Johan Gstafsson, Lily or Ruslav rocking in.