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Rapids Risk/Reward (Bandcamp 2012)

   Mid-tempos small urban area musical deliverance and proud anthems via Emo-Rock, Punk-Pop and Midwest Post Punk sounds released by these young band – Annabel consisting of foursome quartet of Ben, Gooey, Corey and Andy from Kent, Ohio or Akron – OH lifted their balls to having the rest of the best effortless life in a band making and song-writings towards the facts that they’re non-famous group for now (again) it’s not a particular problems for you for not working it our harder and taking chances like what’s been doing by these guys while releasing the good music of hope and more beats over Youth In Youth as the housing complex went quiet and abandoned as the residence left one by one because of the economic disaster or challenges but Annabel keeps going on rocking representing their hometown; not feeling ashamed on stage singing louder about The Age of Possibilities, Anti-Decisions, Home, The Dept. of Mutual Appreciation and At Least For Now straight down to the last bit over Our Days Were Numbered. 
   A small town kids trying to grab what’s left from the slippery American dreams long before when the media claimed that Emo-Rock and Pop Emo music shall lived forever – struck down by reality in permanent disability since the major media broke the scenes.

Youth In Youth: