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Railway Army (Gronland Records 2011)

   Bassist Sonja Glass and vocalist Valeska Steiner is our Swiss-Germany duo of Pop-Indie group whom having their gold-certified in Germany as the debut album of their own – Mutual Friends; number 6 in Switzerland and US heat chart at number 5, you might also needed to listen to these gorgeous girls music with the help of good musicians Phillip Steinke (guitar, piano, keyboards), Carl-Michael Grabinger/Thomas Hedlung/Bela Brauckmann/Marco Romer for drumming, Christian Kreutzer on guitar/banjo, onto Eric Darken on vibraphone on creating the units named - Boy that should driving your ears mesmerizing into hypnotic for melodies and great harmony vocals recorded and written by the duet of Valeska and Sonja over Waitress, Little Numbers, Drive Darling through This is The Beginning or Waltz for Pony would be amazingly soft, sweet and simple to figure out the next modern urban thoughts to shares as important issues or just daily stories on Mutual Friends. 

An answer for those whom always being alone all the time and dreaming about meeting good persons with talents for Pop-Folk, World Music and Country Indie.

Mutual Friends: