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Purplehead Suzy Lee (Independent 2014)

   Mysterious Town of Oak Hill might going to giving you a good trick like they’re just an ordinary Folk-Indie results of band-project from US soil but fortunately not – these duo Billy and Laura Wretzky displaying urban and rural lyrics or concepts is actually a Saint Petersburg – Russia’s products solemnly infinite for sharing their hometown stories within a nice quiet place of children playground, the streets and neighboring friendly – just take another closer looks for any really strange activities going there as one peeping inside via this self-titled recording. 
   Realism Ambient magic and spoken word old school wrapped within the alternative sounds flowing like a silent code or lost signals in thin air fully melodic and Jangle-Pop pleasures as the ears being entertained from all directions by the songs of pleasant peace over The Man Who has Died of Fever on The Sands of Singapore, Sleepover theat Never Ends, Aliens in Our Arcade or The Boy who Accidently Flew to The Stars reacting those feelings from the lost of childhood to the missing link where love broke and unwell bad weather of non-satisfactions when parents treating you really worst and the world seems to denying the presence of our regretful days may be mended by some of this recording works.