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Prophecy Red Shore (LMP 2006)

Since the midst of the nineties already formed with exactly the same basic and influences of how your Heavy Metal favorite bands supposed to be sounded like and it attached as well to our New Yorker Power Metal group – Zandelle as the time passing over to crushing some of the hard music dignity and destroying the scenery at the awakening of Grunge sounds but many years after that as people really need the most for thus purity of loud music matches the demand for screeching melodies, brutal riffs and bashing metallic music for the new millennium generations – the perfect skip to reproducing the right sequence over album releases and we’ll see now that Anthony Maglio, George Tsalikis, Joe “Jofu” Cardillo among other band members of Zandelle releasing their vengeance Rising; the second recording for the new millennium sessions since the oldie materials back from the nineties were long forgotten or unrecognizable. 
Heavy Metal Speed of wrestling white god like He-Man rather than Hercules or Samson blitzkrieg by every explosive techniques possibly can offers through Dragon’s Hoard, Queen Anne’s Revenge or The Beowulf Trilogy for I. Awakening to III. 
Ancient Tale of Valor which are epic and closing until you reach for Necromancer. 
Demons, Gods, the lights or the darkness altogether being squeezed into this rare recording that you might getting interested to have this hour. 

Vengeance Rising: