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Proclivity Zone (Heartless Robot Productions 2011)

   You need some shit like shield when you need to covering yourself from the strongest attacks off the Spazz-Pop Electro Tweetgrinding-core terror sonic spanking and slamming sent onto your ears and brains via Matthew Morden results in his solo-project called Bubblegum Octopus that so superb like Hancock or Melvin the real hero as offering the album – Bad Happy; a feeling that considered to be not quite destructive to everyone but some would and the tension over the track-listings started to rise-up and touch the dangerous level since the opener tracks like SpazzPop Forever!!!!! or 888 Days Meow Fast rolling like the mixture of super-heat, stormy rain and the thick snow blizzard on blossoming Spring within next followed by Tubulidentata, Betrayal is Okay, We ARE Sick, Shovel Piledrive to Beautiful Little Towne painting those memories of desperations, fun party drunk or chaos riot on the streets of Neverland seems to be possible here – build by crazy of music. 

Bad Happy: