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Precipice Crash (Metal Blade Records 2016)

   Feel the powerful essence of Progressive Metal music with more than less percentage on the miraculous parted rootsy taken from either NWOBHM, Heavy Rock or Folk-Metal as the themed tracks and lyrics telling us about the most medieval or ancient ideas meet the modern shredders and melodic solos from guitarists John Cobbett or Leila Abdul-Rauf (whom also playing trumpet and doing backing vocals) and the blasting clean drum-set beats from Will Carrol and Paul Walker’s bass-lines as well as Sigrid Sheie performing piano and organ for these San Francisco/Montana’s band led by their frontman – Joe Hutton and his high-ranging great vocals which making the sounds made by Hammers of Misfortune really amazing to listen and head-bangers would easily happening during the bursting music of metallic-based like explorations used to performs over the shows of bands like Saxon, Maiden, Accept or Deep Purple’s legacy shortly, re-incarnates upon this particular Heavy sounded group. 
Releasing the album of Dead Revolution; exploding the semi-heavier noise on track by tracks theme-mainline tales of politics, war, conceptual storylines to fantasy with the similarity of Metallica’s affections towards Sea of Horses - by the riffs, seven minutes longer of experimental opener song on The Velvet Inquisition or Here Comes The Sky and the ending of Days of ’49 that truly would never letting any Metal-Heads down because this recording is really needs to get more freaking attentions from the media of Rock. 
Nothing quite like it – just like KISS having an affair with Queen under the bridge cursing days of love and replacing it with evil technologies taken over the global error-dome plans; too eager too soon to explodes for being nothing … 

Dead Revolution: