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Powermad Steel (Bandcamp 2017)

Old tension of harbinger tempos of Speed metal demonic tunes releasing the rage and high-pitched vocals like some kind of a lost recording from the eighties metal days but for these five-piece rock-heads: Steven Villa (vocals), Amadeus Mozart (lead guitars), Ray De Leon (lead guitars), Jeffrey Castro (bass guitar) and Rodrigo Ramirez (drums) aren’t the bastard child of Twisted Sister but the more you listening to them as Lethal Night (the band) the more Overkill-influenced heard fast, dangerous and louder over this California Heavy Metal product which just about to releasing their debut record on Visions In The Night. 
One will encountering not only nude witches sister rounding the cauldron or a beasty werewolf and even the undead spirit waiting to snatch a terrible unfortunate souls wandering inside the woods at one unlucky foggy evening as the ballsy solo techniques melody of electric six-strings or the manual heaviness over drumming steals your attentions back again with fulfilled faith on Thrashy Heavy Rock sounds blaring on Silver-Eyed Goddess, Yelling Out Your Name and Crystal Moon conquering your stereo. 

Hail fucking rock you bastards !!!