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Pos Dis (Independent 2014)

   West Lafayette – Indiana offers thou a quite unique passion of Indie Rock and Experimental Pop-Rock progressions with Greg Lindberg’s bedroom Pop-Indie collections where many dogs shall not barking naughty but the owner woman posing nasty to you as the feasting eyes and ears would enjoying (not) the strange atmosphere of musical performance via Sex Muzak recording led by Teen Brigade. 
   If you loving your dogs as much as the solo project figure of this so-called Teen Brigade did; you are on the right track for uniting with most of the dog-lovers community even when the actress behind the sexual masked cat is really a cat-hearted person still the songs praising more to dogs feelings, daily dog-town activities to the best doggy-style Pop-Voice Indie music from Indiana. 
   Try Joppa La El and Aka Aka to Sad Maybe Well by possibility as one can assures themselves that sometimes being retard can be satisfying to living lives with the all rights reserved. 

Sex Muzak: