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Pitagoras Cuenta (Independent 2017)

Cordoba – Argentina the present day of Modern Stoner Doomy Metal scene stumbled as healthy as the harvest moon reborn again with the capacity held for more magical tense amounts within the crazy riffs and thumping blasts drumming over the melodic vocals, melodious solos and rhythmic bass-lines guarding the path which usually build on brick by bricks into this Cubo Negro presence self-titled album with more than forty-seven minutes longer durations along the coverage mid-tempo rocking music and feedbacks as you might non-pretentiously, listening to Notits Blues, Luz Pesima, Tu Morbo or Sincero en Do Menor in a massive local definitions of Latinos Psychedelic Stoner sounds which fucking granted to have your damn attentions. 

Muchas gracias: Dan Kuxhaus (drums), Maximiliano Luis Nino (bass) and Nicolas Manuel Mateos (guitars, vocals).