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Parturition (Bandcamp 2014)

   Stage-naming herself away from the real identity as Lakhsmi Ramgopal but as Lykanthea happens to be a great transformation not only for her living characters but also the musical bundle of history on her shoulders returning brighter within thus Ambient Electronic of experimental Shoegaze, Carnatic or Dreamy Pop incarnations over Migration album. Sweet dark chocolate skin and beautiful smile around thus mysterious and mystique transcending looks from a girl with Indian’s descendent from Northampton – Massachusetts spreading her musician-ship whispers of echoed as the signatures woozy monochrome expressions or emotions imposing behind the veil of her sounds like the parts of primordial invocation emerging intimates and cliché like those tales from ancient civilizations to your minds. Stunning, cold, temporary and meaningful beneath the erected resurrections of the real thing rather than just a hoax to us  the Migration album delivers much adorable tracks to listen carefully like the eight minutes Talos to Hand and Eye or My Sisters as well as Aphonia. 

The lyrics and voices blending the unity which celebrates your dreaming island where happiness rest to laid there today, tomorrow and forever like its being told by our Lykanthea girl …