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Panthere Anatra (Bandcamp 2017)

For many performers helping them for the recording album under the ruling name of Pif Paf – thus Montreal based duo combining Electro-Pop Blues-eyed Soul, Indie Rock and Funky Rock in mid-tempo beats crawling surely maintained as the professional sounds being kept wisely good to listening and proper for dancing with your close-partner; Brava! means business as it composed and recorded by the duet guys as proud Canadians: Max O Finn and Emmanuel C. Boucher performing A Shot in The Dark, Cinnamon, Nutshell, Fun & Games, I Choose Elaine or Skeleton Key within the performance by Amylie, Yuki B.T, Gabrielle Gagnon, Gabriel Hardy, Marianne Houle, Olivier Laroche, Jean Nadeau, Frederique Tanguay-Gagnon to Lazer Valliere being busy to the life itself but more people will loving this album rather than it being famous later on or not – nobody cares. 

Awesome choices for those who loved Jamiroquai, Jazzy Pop and malted Indie-Pop for AOR audiences where the basic sounds would fits not only for easy listening but also a quicky sex after brunch … 

Walla !!!