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Outward Introspection (Discordian Records 2016)

   Under the Barcelona-based label for many underground and Avant-Garde promoted music scenes while being recorded on Lisbon; Temple of Doom perhaps would be a recording which filled up within so many occultism themes in general as it composed, written and arranged for the album by several names of the available talents: Albert Cicera, Hernani Faustino, Luis Lopes to Vasco Furtado off the local secret society spreading their common sense of valuable points of view via the recording release. 
   As Cicera doing the tenor and soprano saxophones, Lopes did the guitars with double bass playing by Faustino and Furtado clashing out with his drum-sets; marking the unity on fully living group musicians for these instrumental tracks of five visible to listen in-between the criticism, soft reliable and mystic atmosphere almost like traditional trance of the Caribbean tribes uniquely, flowing like dark magic through A Lambskin of Apron, The Sublime Degree, Disrupted Sacred Geometry and The Void to Dogmatic Elders of Doom as the delighted improvisations of experimental Free-Jazz music.

Temple of Doom: