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Osaka Disko (Modern Imperial Records 2016)

A Nigerian born talented musician from Texas, USA must be a strange fact to discussed but the reality of it would be resurrected under the name of Zapot Mgwana forming his own musical project as it playing lots of consciousness Space -themed musical atmosphere as it also devotional in Afro-Avant-Garde or cinematic big band of Classic Rock progressions through the luminous Golden Dawn Arkestra with their releasing album for the second time; reminiscent thus intergalactic kingdoms favorable sounds Future Jazz, Art-Rock, Acid Jazz and Space-age Stoner buzzes in Stargazer. 
One and the rest of the curious audience should be really amazed for hearing greater stuff recorded there through Sama Chaka, Clouds, Shabuki and All is Light that remarkably resemblance to either the best efforts erotic sounds from the artistic Jazz-Rock Progressive era to the futuristic version of Funkadelic Parliaments and you won’t be judging this !