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Ordung Horrid (Divebomb/Tribunal 2017)

   Mixed freshly by the long-time old friend of the band – Kenn Nardi (Anacrusis) for helping metal-pals bassist Chris Speciale on Tomb Of Infamy as a great recording for these Stockton, CA’s extreme Death Metal band – Terminus for doing the plenty of vulgar displaying over the mostly extremity sounds produced by the members: Dave Palmer (drums), Jason Murra (guitars) and Dave Luck (guitar, vocals) compiling thus Death/Thrash amendement via thirteen chaotic songs with the background of the legendary Terminus place that actually isn’t a final resting place for the restless souls but the demonic playground of the occults establish their offerings for the gods by sacrifice and for seeing the future false prophecy plotting among mankind as the bastardized explosions of crust-blasts through Lycanthrope, Awakened, Killing Through Chemistry, Beso De La Arana and Life Beyond or Isolate The Sick proving the symbols on the wall and the blood-spills weren’t exactly a good sign for you to stay there … 

Tomb Of Infamy: