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Obsession The One (Nilaihah Records 2004)


   Not preferring a too commercial Electro-Dark music but the more tricky and eerie ones as one pick ? Let your fingers do the choice-making and for that The Azoic would be one of those great bands out there to satisfying your thirst over the non-mainstream Club-Dance terror tunes or Noisey Pop by terms.   The female fronted group of Industrial EBM or Electro-Dance from Columbus – Ohio with Kristy Venrick (vocals, lyrics, melodies, programming, keyboards), Andreas Kleinert (melodies, programming, keyboards), Eric Elderdge (programming, live keyboards) or Lawrence Zalewski (live keyboards, guitar, video) whose sensually entrapping your hearings through the sensible but non-profit format of sample, synths and noises blending within their Electro-music on Illuminate – the recording.
   EBM, Synth-Pop or Electro-Industrial blasts from the track-listed songs like Going Under, Conflict, Ever, Truth onto Carve Into You (edit 2003) with some bonus added. 

Shake your heads within the variety tempos of cold techno disasters.