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Northwitch (Chrome Leaf 2007)

Sparks the dominion of Heavy Metal Doom in its most independent terrific ways and howls “hell yeah” as the mid-tempo beats turning faster or in extremely crushing did its slower parts to maintaining your head-banger diet music placed where it belongs perfectly and for the likes of more Hardcore-Thrashy Metallica-side; crank this powerful band trio open wider into your damn stereo aloud. The threesome of Columbus, Ohio’s Deadsea consisting of drummer Jeremy Spears, Alex Conley on bass, Adam Smith the shredder rising their tides within the second effort self-titled as Deadsea prevails their way to grinding the ears of thus real Heavy Metal-heads from their sleeps in such a connecting melodies sharpened or semi-brutal into the cross-over of Alternative Metal and Doom Rock on prowl as the track-listings brought the Pagan,Vikings or older beliefs themes back to confronts the modern pathetic world on the musical war between the underground and the mainstream as the anthems like Coming Home, Killing Faith (Crying Death) or Assault would fits to serving the battle acclaims The Morning Frost and Frozen Rivers back in the hands of the Barbarians !