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Noose Tide (Paper + Plastick 2011)

One got a painful slap in their faces once trying to pushed-play the second album releasing - Dead Sea by those Swansea, Wales group of Emo-Punk rockers calling themselves The Arteries as consisting of Jamie Morrison (bass and vocals), Rhys Pillai (drums), Miles Morgan (vocals), Rhys “Jenks” Jankins with Tim Davies on double guitars – young and handsome but can be dirty and snotty as well when being needed to, one might love to get slapped by them using those Pop-infected of teenager crazy rocking sounds just like the powerful tracks of troublesome days displayed via the deep explorations for Mutual Friends, Acoustic Associations, Capture The Flag, No Place Like Home and Shitty Band really could leaving the listeners a cracking open bleeding lips or Bad Banger session. 

So if you feel like Don’t Come Around the corner for having these bunch of young-rockers near your stereo – just don’t but don’t regret if on a contrary being drown by their songs makes you feel alive as your girlfriend had a crush for an Emo-head this week …

Dead Sea: