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Noble Rot (Razorback Records 2013)

   Some audiences and more critics truly admiring Rogues in The Haunt of Horrors, late Night Horror Queen or The Wizard of Filth written and recorded by Crypticus – a duo consisting of Patrick Bruss (guitars, bass, vocals, synth) with Brynjar Helgetun (drums) as they’re claiming the first gruesome, atmosphere, intrigue and mysterious perspective within emanate chilling of imaginative Horror as they’re digging the depth of fetid journey in lyrics or practice through Necronom IX or Grand Guignol Cabaret via this album - The Barrens. 
As the claims from some paranormal activities watchers and experts frontally discrediting that the group had using the alive equipments filled themselves with black magic or something sinister. 
So, beside those live-band blistering devastation sounds; there’s some rumors that actually, true. The Dark Metal soundtrack of musical that would make Lovecraft proud with Horror Grind.

The Barrens: