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Nina Quitter (Bandcamp 2014)

Hailing from Aberdeen – Scotland maybe nobody expects that these highlander Bluesmen didn’t really knows how to sounded like the real musicians but actually, for Full Fat group it’s like everyday obsessions to as hard and neat as they can be which seems to be looking not too damn obscure to you whom got chance for listening these guys live or just via the recording package like this one on Most Of What Follows is True – the album that humbly heavy and certainly amazing to hear by not only the Blues-Rock lovers but even the hardest men would love to have the opportunity on getting nostalgic about the thick influences like a blending of Stevie Ray Vaughn, Thin Lizzy, Hendrix to Rory Gallagher and Johnny Cash in one fully experiences releasing. 
One should thankfully blessed for the great works and a bit Pop-tinged tunes mix within the efforts performed by Fraser McKain, Simon Rattray and Fraser Urquhart as the trio on Full Fat. Like a moonlighting semi-Bluesy Rock and Country roadie evening crossing the desert area and cactus trees letting the lights shining from your back – creating a fulfillment echo managed really good as the simple music with much harmonies to love. 
Tunes giving you great feeling by choices would be I’m Talkin’ To You, Of Course I’ll Miss You, Blue, Lucie-Lou and My First Friend or First Refrain cause all is getting better after two bottles of beers and more …

Most of What Follows is True: