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Nervous Teenage (Mercure International 1992)

   Superb Los Angeles Hair Rock group with only one recording left a proof that there used to be them completing the Glam Metal scene for the West Coast pride once but Jerusalem Slim which formed by the hiatus of the legendary Hanoi Rocks as Michael Monroe still fucking too hot to handle and performing his vocals live as well as his ability to play saxophone and harmonica; six-strings warrior and ex-member of Billy Idol/Vince Neil Band with drummer Greg Ellis and Sam Yaffa on bass guitar proclaiming their spot in the center of our expectation for having a louder bangs of group with sleazy personality back then, roaring riffs, awesome vocals, tough bass-lines and power-glam-American drumming and all of them can be found on this band. 
   Hard Rocking label for Jerusalem Slim releasing their only self-titled album and brought us thus rocketing tracks of formulated Hairy Glam Metal like heroin on a needle stick to jamming it and get higher within Dead Man, Attitude Adjustment, Hundred Proof Love, Criminal Instinct or Lethal Underground for many more and build their reputations as the real saints of Hollywood underground and forefathers of the nineties Hair-Rock.

Jerusalem Slim: