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Necrotech Arrogant (Divebomb Records 2017)

Reflects as from the name of the band as Temporary Insanity; these Boston Thrasher Metal-heads crew whose formed in the 1986 facing reality that their metallic music shall never fading even when there’s no more fanatic fans for this type of heavy speeding music in history left for wanting bands like them and because of the music produced by Steve Cloutman (bass), Randy Odeierno (drums), Jeff Kody (guitars), Mike Luciantonio (lead guitars) and Glen Rice (vocals) not really had their releasing times for good but sometimes their name stuck inside some old thrasher maniac whom had living since the beginning of the band’s career. 
The proof for you who also liking Flotsam and Jetsam, Meliah Rage, White Zombie to Iron Maiden and Rush influences; you definitely will fucking love Temporary Insanity for this compilation on Final Walk long after they’re disbanded or split-up or something. 
Eighteen tracks of Thrash Metal boosts and fucking loud and slicing like guillotine through Commuters, D.S.H, My Brush, Toxic Spawn, Vicious Circle as many more destructive themes spreading like particles on this recording that you need to listen before being destroyed.

Final Walk: