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Nature Terror (Blossoming Fern 2017)

As for - In The Vortex of Dionysian Reality barks starting hard, annoying noisy and non-popularly disturbing as the experimental termites used to did since the dead of Techno-House and the awakening of Industrial synthesizing taken over the floor and let terror beats ruling your Electronic mindfield or heads back to the early nineties and right here and now – the same meaningless project for punishing normal beings and incompetence dumb-heads not quite suites enough or fit to conducting or compromised within this sub-genre type of music. 
Anemone Tube (real name: Stefan Hanser) is the sicker minded standing behind the lunatic project of Berlin’s strong psychogenic of audio works impact through Alternative sounds, moods, etc. Intriguing and molester as you cannot really consume creatures of tones or dying scents via the themes as Turm Des Bosen (Die Letze Weisheit) to Evanglium Der Weltharmonie (feat. Post Scriptvm) as for the e.p itself – you will definitely might going to love to have this mini album just for your’s Post-Atmospheric escapism Industrial explorations in this re-edition version. 

In The Vortex of Dionysian Reality: