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Mystics Soul Despair (Obscure Abhorrence 2014)

   Being tortured over the immediate danger spreading by these Australian/Belgium debutant length album for Atmospheric Ambient Folk Black Metal baptized as Hammerstorm; releasing their long-time awaited record of The Lonely Wanderer like a cursing spell chants driven by the wind from somewhere to everywhere in a screaming whispers form, the double pedals of insanity and more melodic harmful harmonies made by the organ, keyboards and other traditional Folklore-based musical instruments among the excessive “normal” fabulous extreme sounds led to original Black Metal fused tension produced by Slikver (all instruments, composition) and Surtur (vocals, lyrics). Before one getting lost permanently, inside the misty fog of forbidden forest, let’s just keep your ears being deafen or hypnotized by the track-listed wrath lyrics and stories through Along The Shades of Darkness, When Darkness Falls Upon Me, A I Give My Life to The Dying Lands or Whispers From The Depths of The Forest exchanging the atmospheric experiences as death comes in undetected motions closer and calling your name from the list.

The Lonely Wanderer: