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Mysteriis Sabbathas (Candlelight Records 2015)

   Vomiting demonic lyrics and occult-based power thumping force of Doomy Metal and Heavy Rock onto the crowd mass or any kinds of ritualistic feasts of pagan views under the gloomy moon might be perfect not to listening just for a slower tunes but those speeding ones like freight-train as well and through the overwhelming classic beats made by the trio of Hampshire – England calling themselves as Witchsorrow; vocalist/guitarist Necroskull, Emily Witch the female bassist with glasses or Morrellhammer the hard-side drum-basher releasing this pure-occultism and anti-religious bullshit music of the dark-side of the near death experiences on No Light, Only Fire with the total crushing and harmony corroded riffs by The Martyr, Negatie Utopia, To The Gallows or Disaster Reality shall explaining to you – a newbie to this Heavy Metal extreme scene the reason why you need to be afraid of occult-heads people.