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Mortuary Tantalus (C&C 1991)

   The German semi-extremist and growler vocals bursting band Protector vomits their non-permit explosions for raging Old-School combinations between maximum Thrash Metal and minimum Death Metal into one particular recording on A Shedding of Skin; desirable in existence of thus infamous background urban legend about haunted places and legendary escaping by in-mates from prisons as possibility facing flexibility and Carl-Gustav Karlsson or Martin Missy to Mathias Johansson or Michael Carlsson might smarter enough for carrying those clever moves and making their band’s sound into the classic lists over the nineties era legacy of both Thrash/Death/Rage Metal heritage collections. 
   Dead convict’s corpse lying rotten near the riverbank of the unnamed swampy place would as important as thus songs in pain or wrath  and vengeance bursting harder off Face Fear, Doomed to Failure, Thy Will Be Done, Necropolis and Death Comes Soon would cementing Protector as one of the unsung heroic names representing Germany’s Thrash-messy club. 

A Shedding of Skin: