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Morse June (Bandcamp 2016)

   Alternative Industrial and Progressive Rock Le Francais within the infused parts by Trip-Hop, Neo-Classical and instrumentals proudly re-emerges out of Paris – France by these magnificent talents bunch of uniting musicians naming themselves: Skinsitive as for the informations of the respective members which are Virginia B. Fernson (music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, claviers and samples), Brouff the guitarist, Melanie Boisseau on bass guitar, Maxime Caristan behind the drum-set/percussions and pianist/arranger Axel Chemla; brought you all their colder music formats and spiritual touches via the mystic recording served as a good dinner for your lonely night sessions after rain via Somebodies. And like thus who comes back from the temporary death under the water to resurfacing again for revenge …  
   Let the anthems of slower mid-tempo distorted and Industrial beats erasing your remorse and filled up your head with logic back to life within Long Teeth Small Tricks, Teen(r)agers, All is For The Best, Afraid of Ghost to The Tempest and Black Sand; making your new month’s worthy as the plan for payback clearly drawn in your head as you gnarled.