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Morgantown (Affairs Of The Heart 2011)


   Should be called a cast of thousands with the main personnel is being still remain as LD Beghtol the Pop-experiment musician whose making intense, dark passionate and atmospherically romantic under Flare Acoustic Arts league or a.k.a just as Flare and his pal – Damian Castillo the guitarist.
   You might calling the music produced by this project of Indie Rock – perhaps, by other terms even weirder or strangely in sound like Orch-Pop, Chamber Punk, Psychedelic Folk and Alternative Slow Jangle music from Bushwick, Brooklyn. Power-Pop distortions of sweet intentions and the braver characterizing cited by the heavy influences from the sixties modern Pop scene and the ever-changing periods within the music mainstream itself; meet the songs of happy thoughts like Hideous Ethnic Stereotype, Yes I Do (Merry-Go-Round) to Does This Sound Appealing onto Last Clown Standing. The Kinetic Family all the way through Geography Cure must be a great Scenario into Bruises/Candy Pariah Case Study … 

Big Top/Encore: