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Moll Undies (Shagpile/Arsclogch 1997)

   After invited/recruits Ross Knight comes the day Cosmic Psychos were born as an Australian Punk Rock assassins from the plains whom sounding standard but never too commercial to be a respectable established group but rebellious in many ways as its been ordered since day one. From their infamous “soft-porn” catalog recordings; Oh What A Lovely Pie comes what nobody expected flourishing from over Australia perverting rock band like them – showing what it takes to sharing the outback’s sound to the entire world of Punk Rock with some teasing of non-formal naughtiness caught in-between their artworks. Can’t Keep A Good Man Down, Hammer, Guns Away, Breathless or Super Vixen remarkably, burst the driven power of riffs and free-world lyrics of stories happening Down Under and beyond as Cosmic Psychos brought everything you wanted to have from the dirty pussy smell of the dirtiest of Punk music written and composed by Dean Muller or John McKeering or someone in a group. 

Blah !

Oh What a Lovely Pie: