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Mirage Spanish (Bandcamp 1989)


   Ten songs of contradicted reduction for your late eighties era celebrating a new comeback for Garage Rock New York Dusk Warrior for emerging again and brings the excessive simplicity noises sound for the replacing of old-tension led coalitions of Prog-Rock and dying Rock N Roll scene after the demise of majority over Hippie generations at the time and the world of Rock needing a chance for that; leaning the group of Independent musicians like Nicholas Shapiro (drums, keyboards, percussions, writer) and Michael Osso (guitars, bass, mixing/mastering)brought their library influences on Pop and Rn’ B blended by experimental acts under the name of Overdrive Sunrise.

   Short and medium length of duration covering the entire psychedelic or mystic sounds boosted in an enriched techniques possible to play by them and your still can use your hidden package of LSD or heroin among these imaginative musical themes getting through the surrounding air we breathe like invisible gas of happiness in stagnant off Dusk Television Show, Red Lightning, Legendary Dusk or Heaven Classic Highway and Divine Flight. 

Dusk Warrior welcomes you onto the nineties !  

Overdrive Sunrise: