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Milkman Six (Startime/Columbia 2015)

Founded in Rosemount, Minnesota by Alicia Bognano the native girl but later on moving to Nashville – Tennessee right after the internship chance into Steve Albini Chicago studio as the relocation giving her another chance to joining a Power-Pop group as being accompanied by Stewart Copeland (drums), Clayton Parker (guitar) to Reece Lazarus (bass) led by Alicia Bognano.

As Bully born soon after 2013 and several up’s and down for the band, the releasing of Feels Like really shown how on earth the dream came true and the hard works done indeed by and for this Power-Pop magic quartet as an improvement and approved by themselves; the twenty-seven minutes and fifty one seconds duration recording of Alternative Rock truly hits your hearing like one great favorable melodies and musical harmonies through I Remember, Reason, Too Tough, Brainfreeze and Trying onto Trash – which can giving back your beliefs over how good Indie-Pop music still sounding delicious after new millennium !

Feels Like: