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Messed Up (Full Of Shit Records 2013)

Relentlessly brave not to following trends; these five-piece Punk Rock metallic rockers off Stockholm – Sweden might gets your thoughts a reminder for old Rancid or thus raw mixing of classic Punk bands from the dying scene era of Glam-Metal like The Lunachicks meet Bad Religion meet Betty Blowtorch as keeping their self-service and free-thinker ideas under the rage of women’s feelings to the world of man. Fuck Frankie may becoming the raw version of another side of Horror Glam-Rock methods introduced by D Generation before and now – the girls (plus boys) wanted more to bursts through their music, The Distillers/Bikini Kill formats and killing rock stars attempt on this Hate Me album which endorsing that eleven tracks of mid-tempo or fast projections of noise incorporated via Rebel, Blind, When You’re Down, Fight and Enemy – to screaming out loud discussed among you – the Punk Rock lovers. 
Admire them not because of their special looks or beauty appearance but for the excessive loud blasts toward this ammunition of deafening celebrations on every daily days everywhere by Elvira Bira (vocals), Lisa Backstrom (guitars), Oriane Reinberg (guitars), Gustav Wadman (bass) and Josses (drums) !

Hate Me: