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Medicine Orchestra (Bandcamp 2013)

Mixing the hellish cult atmosphere, symbols of metaphysical and dark science to being the mysterious version of Ice-T from Teaneck, New Jersey – here’s to you all the Hip-Hop maniac lovers: Ka Zodiak with the releasing of Holy Spirit of G.O.D H.O.P as you liking it or not happens to be released onto the music market. You cannot stop Gangsta, Political Rap, Religious Rap and definitely not Hip-Hop culture internationally and this sonic rhyming terrorist also as Kalik Scientific presents that as it is – filled up within clarity clear of full seventeen tracks like The Beginning, Perspective, Take a Stand, Ease The Pain, Stars Apocalypse to Heavenly and Jazz and Fantasy or Zero Gravity; sounding groovy and tougher with both the salutation anthem beats and soulful background vocals or samples – giving the spot for Retro-Rn’B where it belongs among the Pop-Culture covering by the infamous popular scratches on the turntable by the experts off this next future bright for this sub-genre music. 
Spreading the premature concepts on interracial blends for sure to inspire, infecting and intimidating twisted minds with more twisted dangerous or wiser thang. 

Holy Spirit Of G.O.D.H.O.P: