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Mdmazing (Aus Music 2008)

Berlin-ers mixing of House-Techno-Soul-Funk-Hip Hop steps by the marked of Lee Jones name really could be one of thus heritage from the midst of your new millennium musical around Pop culture as the awakening of Electronic sounds and Techno stumbles in-between the other particular original music formats being loved by many listeners as well as the cafĂ©-goers and soft clubbers fan and via the simple unit of recording here on Soon EP; the unique antelope-giraffe like animal figure as well as the four tracks on both originals or the mixed one may attracting your attentions while listening to it. 
The Secret reveals as the last song with the non-exaggerating Soon version of two like The Mole Remix without any intervention over human vocals through every single of them. Beats go up and down as you enjoying the music patterns from Lee Jones mini album.

Soon EP: