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Mayumi Abilities (Bandcamp 2012)

Pawing the few small steps of their footsteps for Electro-New Wave and Old School ripped-off Hip Hop and Shoegaze combinations to a recording which may thrown back every single listeners through the time machine arrived safe home to the past of eighties era, you might love Astrocowboys – a unique musical group hailing from Sankt Petersburg who sounded like the excellent-side of New Order and within this album entitled Olympic; we all can get along by the rhythmic bass-lines, cold vocals, certain melodies and moderate deep and sweeter sounding of Lo-Fi records sequences in Synth-Pop mightiness. 
Open the data and dance together into the rhythms between the opening song like Daniel, We Give Blood to Girls with Preferences and My Body is My Enemy and whispered to yourself that New Wave isn’t dead – yet !