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March Die For Me (Combat/Relativity 1991)


   The Thrash Metal defunct group of Chicago, IL whom written down their mighty lyrics and music of fast, brute and knife-sharpened straight through the time of early eighties until the late of nineties; meet with Cyclone Temple was born right after the disbanded of a band consisting of the three members of them – guitarist Greg Fulton, John Slattery the drum-basher and bassist Scott Schafer recruiting then the vocalist for Cyclone Temple – Sonny DeLuca and sooner right when the era reaches the first year in the nineties; they’re releasing the first debut via I Hate Therefore I Am.

   Even when they’re sounded like thus original Anthrax crew or early Thrash Metal manic bands incorporated but this troops actually taste unique not only for the compositions of three white metal-heads and one black-dude rocker on stage but also how the group develops the essential of their own formula onto Thrash Metal alliance sounds with Heavy Metal and NWOBHM into one package of struck-down blitzkrieg music. 

   Various themes from life problems, fighting hate to problems within religions crossing the daily urban legends or stories being told through Sister (Until We Meet Again), Public Enemy, In God We Trust and Silence So Loud – might be your favorite off this record.