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Mantova Captive (Cyclops 2005)

   Friesland’s Progressive Rock rooted by the British-based and descent music about Symphonic and melodious combinations blending for Classical, Folk-Rock and Neo-Traditional creativity made pretty well by these Flamborough Head for being influenced by names like Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and Jethro Tull with more opportunity featuring Eddie Mulder, Edo Spanninga, Koen Roozen, Marcel Derix, Margriet Boomsma to Siebe Rein Schaaf or Andre Cents on board. Within this fourth installments through Tales of Imperfection which talking about how the hell people feel on not being perfect in their life; like for the start in For Starters concluded in two minutes and twenty-four seconds to Maureen along the twelve minutes long musical as well as Higher Ground and Silent Stranger that releasing many more pure talents off the band’s purity above the non-mistakes but re-thinkable formats however you and the audiences ever thought about them in fantasy. 
Keyboards to electric guitar harmonies; the drum-beats and Prog-Rock covering the abnormality or less of self-esteem by some but through this one you will feel helpless at first but then the music will taking over all the pain, the sorrow and the relaxing hour that you needed to and the album fits the impressive phase of life once again. 
Thanking them is enough but admiring them would be awesome to catch a breath once you listening to them and later on – flows within The Netherlands' Progressive Rock lullaby.

Tales of Imperfection: