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Malfunctioning Cannibals (Crucial Blast 2015)

By aliases of Land of Thin Dimes but might be known better as Dimesland; these Oakland, California Progressive Thrash Metal group which led by the brothers of Drew and Nolan Cook on double guitar attacks with Greg Brace on bass/vocals and drummer Harland Burkhart; seems to looking forward to demising their little less fans and other spectators while crushing through the stereo system of yours and many more on the exploding journey on Psychogenic Atrophy. 
As the blonde mysterious female kneeling like she wanted to do suicide or praying then doing suicide cause the music blasting very right – thus eight tracks that blowing minds surely would sending you towards the dangerous head-banger or massive mosh-pit as the nearly death experiences usually comes out when this kinds of extreme noisy music erupts in flaming negativity messages sent. 
Dying Foretold, Institutional Gears, Xenolith and That Cold Moment finally giving us the answer around the quite small room inside the chilling asylum facility on the hilltop. 

Psychogenic Atrophy: