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Maggi Indah (Bandcamp 2011)

   The Malay-based energetic mid-tempo of Pop-Rock and traditional thoughts compiled for the essential unique pouring of Ska-mixed and Alternative Indie Punk and comical (and) ballad attentions for the lovers of South-East Asia and Oriental themes by The Zozi or Nazozi and his band in actual for bringing most of the variety of Singaporean cultures and ethnics into one particular sounds or album but never managed to completely had all as well as the influences of many sounds from abroad and locals; relishing everyday routine in a very generic but not so into angst of teenage life. Realitvely fun, weird, simple and holds some unexpected turnouts there for the releasing on Hilamony II. 
Lean your-self on the journey for visiting the advance modern sea-port of Lion’s Gate this year and bring the harmony surroundings from make Daddy Fly, Armpit, Singapura Suite, Papan Longkang or Samping Samarinda (2012) within your heart for the singing around the hot-day trip over Sentosa Island or Jurong Bird Park or even Geylang. 

Hilamony II: