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Lullaby Whiskey (SCR 2012)


   The massive basic manifesto of the being beatable blends for the enthusiastic Indie-Punk, Power Folk-Rock and protesting music blaring for the intentions from these six-piece brought their essential Irish-Rock persuasion and atmosphere that shall never going to rot out every time you listening to them via stereo.  
   Meeting the semi-wilder and pirates-based story about beers, women, adventures to something stupid from the remote valleys, highlands, lakes or water source written in insanely fun to play or listening to as the lyrics seems to be touching the good comedy sides before they’re releasing onto this amazing standard rocking anthems on performance and as Corne (fiddle, mandolin, banjo), Fred (bagpipes, tin whistle), drummer Oscar, Robin (guitars, mandolin), Marco (bass and accordion) with Leon off lead vocals and the captain of this ship called Scrum; releasing the recording entitled Killing Time which not only bruising the listeners within the fast tracks like Final Victory, No Rain in The Pub or Caledonia – so, that people can try themselves to be what they’re really wanted as Scrum (the band) given out their masterpiece in form of this quite awesome recording for the likes of World Music, Traditional Irish Pop-Rock, Classic Rock or Soft AOR-oriented just for you, especially. 

Scrum's Killing Time: