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Ludzkosci Truecizna (Bandcamp 2014)

Cross-over damaging waves of total beats which hitting your face on the right spot for several times as the track-listings of semi-brutality and mosh-pit friendly themes like Mutujaca Zgnilizna or Epicentrum Epidemii to Percepcja Partycypacji and Szklana Ewangelia proudly off Gdanks – Poland products of Hard-Core meets Thrash Metal meets Power Violence Metal on DetonacjA’s – self-title full recording. 

As the anti-system, fucking the system and delivering musical metallic for forcing people to destroying the system whether communist or capitalistic corruptions may stays the same and these guys knew about the story as it begins without good ending except you joining them in the fighting the failure governance before people decided to re-elects the same motherfucker leading the black-sheep citizens into the same hole. 

Kaboom those bastards !