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Lost Love Stay (Bandcamp 2013)

Germany - Stralsund’s raw Hard Rock, Doom, Stoner and Psychedelic Rock and Grunge special menu from this interesting group – Flemming and The Gang which having the great frontman and lead singer whose actually, sounding like either SOAD meets Coheed and Cambria meets Faith No More and the trio members – Flemming (guitar, vocals), Robb (bass, vocals) and Tom (drums) tremendously, putting their own style like it’s a five-piece band with their thick-solid rocking sounds blaring high and harder through the amplifier that will giving you and the others a good head-bang ejaculations while having the album of them cranking your freaking stereo out loud. 
Meet the recording entitled We Demons and be happy cause you finally, found these guys to save your crash-diets over bad music and intoxicated yourself with these amazing melodious tracks from Flemming and co. through the cult-tinged lyrics and themes on Eclipsed, Witchlight, The World is Yours or Feed Me Slowly and Back in The Cave as Heavy Rock driven the stormy rituals of blood and sweat and everyone shall hailing to obey the power of these rockers after listening them twice or more. 

You’re tangled inside the web magic of Flemming … 

We Demons: