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Lions To Leeches (Crucial Beast 2017)

   Scary as it started to grin the low growls on the stereo system as the opening chaotic track of Urine Hive begins as you might already open the Pandora’s box from the deeper hellish world of underground Electro-Industrial, Ambient, Avant-Garde and experimental Black Metal terrors of Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass musical that might be rearranged and renowned only for the fanatic fans of the other groups suxh as Agalloch or Scluptured as Jason Walton (midi, synth-mangler, vocals, oscillator, bass, guitar and melodic) baffling to captivates on the likely close resemblance to the sounds like Sloth or Nothing by comparison but this ambiguity haunting error noises might going to induced you to a nearly madness experiences as tangling miserable tempos of apocalyptic destructions or human tortures process within the performance from Marius Sjoli (guitars, vocals, synth), Robert Hunter, Andy Winter to Martin Hill or Nick Wusz – all did the vocalization for Snares of Sixes per tracks such as The Mother’s Throat and Retroperistalsis; like some kind of Bjork music made for suicidal.