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Lion Sports (Bandcamp 2017)


   Don’t focusing only on the duel between guitarists and song-writers from Gung Ho Catalyst members: James Reich and Devlin Flynn but also don’t forget there are also bassist Dylan Burrett and drummer Cooper Hannahson as the quartet of four friends completely closer and united for bringing us the excellent blending for organic noises musical of grooves, funky, danceable to have fun for everyone and creating the bond between Alternative Rock, Funk – Metal and New Age as a processing of proclaiming some of the band’s talented collaborations, tunes-jamming and more techniques available there through-out the e.p that being released by the baptized title: Murmurisms.  
   One shall kept on tremendously amazed following the cool long-term session via the second track Crust Wall – a four minutes and eight seconds pull-out story that based on the encapsulated naturally and challenging musical boundaries broken by the group as well as the next song – Dizen which coming in a very sensually metallic and finger-licking attitudes that will making you drooling and wanted for many more from them. 

The good best quality of minerals provided inside the mines for those who willing to digging deeper and aim for higher purposes – filling those Pocket Toon !