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Le Penseur Ludicrous (Tribunal Records 2017)

   Known as Prophecy before turning onto Midnight Divine; this long time but later on defunct American Progressive Metal band from Medford – NJ got their moment when they’re decided to change their group name into Autumn Silence as the releasing of once an e.p but later on thanks to the new rock label and the demanding crowds - a renewing fully recording album entitled Echoes In The Garden seems to be fulfilling their destiny as a good band with a band luck with all those apocalyptic emotional distress, solitude or lovelorn themes written for the track-listed on the releasing. With Chris Pike on bass guitar, James Alexander the drummer, six-strings hero Rich Logan, Kevin Kerry Boyce on keyboards master to the lead vocals by Mike Gorham; adding more fabulous tracks of Progressive Power Metal for it as you can listening to the parade of great tunes and epic surroundings which you might admire and love to collects as yours only via Echoes In The Garden as being divided into a dozen of songs bravely and riches within a force of melodic rock sounds reflecting through Dreaming, Pain Fills My Eyes, So This Is Home all over the realm hardening music in your face. 

   Listen carefully and inhales; if you didn’t like these and Fates Warning or Crimson Glory - then you need to leave the Rock world for good, fools !